Effective Innovation in Practice - the method

A guide to Technology-Oriented Innovation for Engineers and Technical Managers (textbook)

J. Slagter

Full color, 220 pp.

ISBN 978 90 79182 398

€ 49,95 



Opportunities for Hands-on Learning (workbook)

J. Slagter & J.P.S. Piest

Full color, 158 pp.

ISBN 978 90 79182 190

€ 37,50 



When developing new products, new processes and new markets it is crucial that organizations continue to deliver products to existing customers in a sustainable, innovative and competitive way. This book shows how to do just that…


To be an effective innovative organization, both the value chain and the innovation process have to be coordinated properly in order to attain the organization’s main goals. This requires challenging managerial decisions combined with balanced coordination of activities at a strategic,

tactical and operational level.


In an exploratory way this book presents several concepts related to the management of technology-oriented innovation and problem solving-based business management research. The goal of this book is to develop the reader’s knowledge, skills and attitudes, based on learning by doing, in these areas focusing on technology-oriented innovation from a managerial perspective.


Effective Innovation in Practice is essential for students, studying abroad at Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences, who are involved with technology-oriented learning programmes, and for managers interested in, and working on, innovation management issues in organizational practices. In systemizing the innovation process, this book is also useful for professionals working on innovation issues within innovation teams, process change teams, and product development teams.


After reading this book, and, in particular, by applying the recommended learning approach, readers will acquire:

  • an innovation management knowledge base;
  • methodological research skills to cope effectively with a broad spectrum of innovation issues in practice;
  • a critical approach to using innovation concepts for problem solving practices in relation to decision-making;
  • encouragement to explore analytical abilities and conceptualizing skills in order to cope with complex innovation situations;
  • a systematic approach with regard to problem solving, dealing with it in an interdisciplinary way.

This textbook is part of the all-in-one method `Effective Innovation in Practice' also offering a workbook and a website http://innovationcenter.nl. 

Workbook - Additional case-based and advanced assignments with elaborations

Following the inspiring learning philosophy of the textbook Effective Innovation in Practice – A Guide to Technology-Oriented Innovation for Engineers and Technical Manangers this workbook presents assignments for hands-on learning experiences. The workbook is essential for students who are involved with learning programs related to the management of technology-oriented innovation.

The goal of this workbook is to further develop the student’s knowledge, skills and attitudes based on the concept of learning by doing and problem solving-based business management research. Assignments are based on the TDE Systems case and supported with expanded explanations to create a challenging learning environment. The structure of this workbook is derived directly from the textbook to enable students to systematically achieve a variety of learning objectives.

By carefully reading the textbook and carrying out the assignments contained in this workbook, the reader will develop an in-depth body of knowledge of the following four subjects, or combinations of them:

  • Business Management and Research;
  • Strategy Development;
  • Technology Development;
  • Innovation. 
More in-depth information about the EliP method.
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